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Migración de aplicaciones web

Esta infografía detalla tres maneras sencillas de migrar sus aplicaciones web a Azure App Service. Brinde el código y su recipiente o utilice la herramienta Migration Assistant.

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Creación de aplicaciones inteligentes en la nube

Este libro electrónico proporciona una guía paso a paso para crear e implementar modelos escalables de aprendizaje automático y profundo mediante arquitecturas sin servidor con Azure. Aprenda a codificar el aprendizaje automático en sus proyectos con el uso de Python y modelos precapacitados que incluyen reconocimiento y clasificación de imágenes y voz. Explore los problemas relacionados con la implementación y la entrega continua, incluido escalamiento, seguridad y supervisión.

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Surface helps your team do their best work

A personal computing device should be just that—personal—with flexible options that support the way people work, where they work. The right device can help an employee stay connected regardless of location without sacrificing security, providing a means for uninterrupted productivity and effective collaboration. A good personal computing device is an employee’s most important tool to deliver their best work.

In this e-book, you’ll learn five ways the right hardware can help your team become:
-Effective collaborators
-More productive
-Confident problem-solvers
-More memorable
-Better communicators, particularly when delivering remote presentations

Download your free guide.  

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Azure ayuda a las empresas a impulsar su migración a la nube híbrida

Las capacidades híbridas de Microsoft Azure impulsan la innovación y ofrecen excelentes resultados comerciales a empresas como J.B. Hunt, KPMG, Allscripts, y Chevron. Al encontrarlos en el lugar donde se encuentran, Microsoft mejora la experiencia de migración a la nube y ayuda a las empresas a reducir los costos generales. Vea cómo estas empresas que forman parte de Fortune 500 utilizaron Microsoft Azure para impulsar sus estrategias de nube híbrida y avanzar en sus negocios.


Choose the way you want to work with Microsoft Surface

Meet Surface Book 3, the most powerful Surface laptop is faster than ever before, pairing speed, graphics, and long battery life with the versatility of a high-performance laptop, processor-powered tablet, and portable studio. 

-A robust laptop, powerful tablet, and portable design studio that adapts to the ways you work, collaborate, and create. 
-Sketch and share with a powerful portable studio. Write, draw, and annotate at a comfortable angle whether you’re creating independently or collaborating in Microsoft Whiteboard.* 
-Make the most of your investment in Microsoft 365,* with the essential foundation and familiarity of Windows 10 Pro, the protection of Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security, and the suite of Office 365* productivity apps you rely on every day. 

Contact us to take a closer look at the Microsoft Surface Book 3.


* Sold separately. 

REI embraces hybrid work with Microsoft Teams and Surface Hub

REI is the largest consumer cooperative in the United States specializes in camping gear, outdoor apparel, and equipment. The popular Northwest company uses Microsoft Teams Connect capabilities to simplify how employees collaborate with external parties outside the company—with Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Intune key to its strategy for protecting mobile devices.

During the pandemic, REI sold their campus and were fully committed to a hybrid work strategy. The fact that they had implemented products within the Microsoft 365 platform helped ensure their success in their new workplace environment.

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